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domingo, 2 de febrero de 2020

Resultados del censo de milano real en Suiza

Dear colleagues,

The Red kite count at all known collective roosts in Switzerland on the last week-end (4-5th of Jan 2020) gave the following results:
67 out of the 76 controlled roosts were occupied. The 170 volunteers found 4297 Red kites. This is the highest January number ever recorded since the beginning of the counts in 2007 (the second highest number being 3457 kites in January 2019). As every year, the January number was lower (by 18%) than the number counted end of November 2019. At 13 different roosts, the number exceeded 100 individuals, with a maximum of 229 individuals at one roost.

The detailed report will soon be available in German and French.

Best regards,

Adrian Aebischer