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jueves, 27 de febrero de 2020

Resultados del censo en Moravia del Sur (Rep Checa)

Dear Colleagues,
we carried out census of kites at roosting sites in Czechia (South Moravia region, near borders with Austria and Slovakia) both the last November weekend and the first January weekend.
In November we counted 405 red kites + 3 black kites at 6 bigger roosts (with 14-194 red kites, plus 2 roosts with only 1 and 2 birds respectively).
In January we counted 320 red kites + 1 juv black kite at 5 bigger roosts (with 29-142 red kites, plus 1 roost with only 2 birds).
These are the highest-ever numbers since the kites started to roost communally in this area in 1993.
We suppose these high numbers are caused mainly due to very high population density of Microtus arvalis.
Best regards
David Horal

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